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Welcome to Jamia Rizwia Zia Ul Uloom

Jamia Rizwia Zia-ul-Uloom is the blend of several sacred religious institutions spread over hybrid locations of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, also its branches are spread over different countries including South Africa, United Kingdom and Malaysia. It is not only confined for men’s teachings but has also been extended for different women annexes as well. This institution is playing vital role in the building of human character from both morally and spiritually perspective, regardless of their gender issues. The details of key annexes of Jamia Rizwia Zia-ul-Uloom have beendiscussed later in this website.

In the sacred night of Shab-e-Barat, on 15 Shahban-ul-Moazzam 1383 Hijree (January 1, 1964) the Jamia Mosque of Sabzi Mandi, Rawalpindi became the center of blessings and divine pleasure...

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اھم اطلاع :
علم توقیت کورس میں شرکت کرنے والے علماء و فضلاء اور دیگر علم دوست احباب کے سرٹیفکیٹس بن چکے ھیں ، مولانا محمد نسیم سعدی ھزاروی صاحب اسسٹنٹ لائبریرین جامعہ رضویہ ضیاء العلوم سے رابطہ کر کے اولیں فرصت میں اپنی سند /سرٹیفکیٹ حاصل کر لیں ۔ (صبح 9 بجے تا 3 بجے سہ پہر)
مولانا محمد نسیم صاحب کا رابطہ نمبر:
اپنی آمد سے پہلے فون پر رابطہ کر لیں ۔

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پرچم کشائی کا منظر ...

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”کلمات نصیحت قبل از دعا “
(قیام پاکستان ضرورت و اھمیت اور نوجوان نسل کی ذمہ داری)
حضور قبلہ شیخ الحدیث ابوالخیر پیر سید حسین الدین شاہ صاحب مدظلہ العالی

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Jamia Rizwia Zia Ul Uloom

D - Block Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Phone: (92) 51 445-0404
Fax: (92) 51 458-0404
Website: http://ziaululoom.net
Email: info@ziaululoom.net

About Jamia

The light of knowledge spread by Zia-ul-Uloom is not only bound in Pakistan but there are several countries where Farig-ul-Tahseel Ullamas of Jamia are working for the thrivingness and excellence of Islam. Those countries include Holland, Germany, England and South Africa etc.