• To provide the Islamic Education sincerely and to promote the true beliefs and through this improve the action of once.
  • To produce and provide such Ulama to the Nation those provide constructive share in the establishment of country and Nation,those who preaches Islam and work for the betterment of society like a scout.
  • To establish a best institute for Nazira, Hifz-ul- Quran, Tajweed and Dars-e-Nizami among the other Madaris.
  • To provide awareness about the beliefs of different religion of World and to prove that there is no religion of truth except Islam.
  • To provide the modern Education along with Islamic Education.
  • To establish the departments of Research, Creation and Dawat-o-Irshad.
  • To provide such a beautiful and comfortable environment for the study of such that the students become the fonder of Islamic Education.
  • To organize the different competition and distribute prizes among the prosperous students.
  • To provide a platform for the perpetuity, establishment and progress of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • To provide the solutions of the problems among the Muslims about Islam.



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Website: http://ziaululoom.net
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About Jamia Rizwia

Jamia Rizwia Zia-ul-Uloom is one of the world’s leading institutes of traditional Islamic education. The light of knowledge emanating from Zia-ul-Uloom is not just limited to Pakistan but is spread around the world – including Holland, Germany, England and South Africa etc – in the form of its graduate scholars who are following in its footsteps by spreading traditional Islamic education.